Howard WX2900 Workstation

Powerful, scalable, affordable

Professional, high-performance workstations

Blaze through work processes like never before with one of the most powerful, scalable workstations Howard has ever offered, the WX2900. Powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, it’s designed to take on heavy workloads day after day, to work seamlessly with the data-intensive software applications used by professionals—video editors, architects, product designers, medical and research professionals, engineers and financial analysts. Whether your workforce is crunching complex calculations or manipulating sophisticated graphics, the WX2900 delivers the speed and high performance you need to complete the task at hand. Cutting-edge responsiveness allows applications to load faster and run more smoothly, and you can run more of them simultaneously, so you get more done in less time! Howard’s WX2900 is the "power" workstation for real professionals. Power up with the WX2900 and experience the Howard advantage!
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