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Chief FHB3032 - Mounting component (2 extension brackets) for flat panel - black - wall-mountable - for LG 42LF6500, 42LF652, 42LF6529, 47WV50, 55WV70, M4224; Samsung SL46, UD46, UD55

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Hardware kit that ships with Custom and Universal FUSION Mounts. Some FHB products include special brackets to ensure a specific TV can be installed on Chief mounts. Also compatible with Universal Thinstall Mounts.

Chief FHB3032 - Mounting component (2 extension brackets) for flat panel - black - wall-mountable - for LG 42LF6500, 42LF652, 42LF6529, 47WV50, 55WV70, M4224; Samsung SL46, UD46, UD55
  • Black
AV Furniture
  • Mounting component
Mounting Components:
  • 2 extension brackets
Recommended Use:
  • Flat panel
Placing / Mounting:
  • Wall-mountable
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - 10 years
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • Chief Fusion MTMU Universal Micro-Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount, Universal Flat Panel Fixed Wall Mount LSAU, Universal Flat Panel Tilt Wall Mount LTAU
  • LG 37LB5DF, 37LC2DB, 37LC50C, 37LC50CB, 37LC5DCB, 37LF75, 37LF7700, 37LG10, 42LB5DC, 42LBX, 42LC2D(USA), 42LC2DB, 42LC50C, 42LC51, 42LF6500, 42LF6529, 42LF652V, 42LF76, 42LF7700, 42LT75, 42LY99, 42PB4DA, 42PC35, 42PM4M, 47LF7700, 47LG20, 47WV50B, 47WV50BR, 47WV50BR-B, 47WV50BS, 47WV50M, 47WV50MS, 47WV50MS-B, 55WV70, 55WV70-BAA, 55WV70BS, 55WV70BS-B, 55WV70MD, 55WV70MD-B, 55WV70MS, 55WV70MS-B, M3701C-BH, M3702C, M3702C-BA, M3702C-BAF, M3702C-BAP, M3702C-BH, M3703C, M3703C-BA, M3703CCBA, M3703CCBH, M3704CCBA, M4210C, M4210C-BAF, M4210C-BH, M4210D, M4210D-B21, M4210D-B21J, M4210L, M4210LCBA, M4210N, M4210N-B10J, M4210N-B21, M4210N-B21J, M4212C, M4212C-BA, M4212C-BAP, M4212C-BH, M4213C, M4213C-BA, M4213CCBA, M4214C, M4214CCBA, M4214T, M4214TCBA, M4224C-BA, M4224CCBA, M4224CC-BA, M4224CCBH, M4224F, M4224FCBA, M4224N, M4224NCB32, M4224NCB32K, M4225CCBA, M4225CCBH, M4710C, M4710C-BA
  • NEC MultiSync LCD3210-BK-R
  • Samsung LA46A550, LA46A650, LA46M81BDX, LE46A550, LE46A551, LE46A551P2R, LE46A552, LE46A556, LE46A556P1F, LE46A557, LE46A557P, LE46A558, LE46A558P3F, LE46A559, LE46A568, LE46A656, LE46A656A1C, LE46A656A1F, LE46A659A, LE46A676, LE46A686, LE46A686M1FXXU, LE46A756, LE46A756R1M, LE46A759R, LE46A786, LE46A786R2, LE46A789R, LE46A796, LE46A796R2, LE46A856, LE46A856S1M, LE46A859S, LE46A956, LE46A956D1M, LE46B650, LE46B650T2W, LE46B651, LE46B652, LE46B653, LE46B750, LE46B750U1W, LE46F86BD, LE46M86, LE46N71B, LN46A500, LN46A530, LN46A540, LN46A550, LN46A550P, LN46A580, LN46A630, LN46A650, LN46A750, LN46A950, PL42A450, PPM42M6HB, PPM42M7H, PPM42M7HB, PPM42M7HS, PPM42M7HSX, PPM42M8HB, PS42A412, PS42A450, PS42A456, PS42A456P2D, PS42A457, PS42C91HD, PS42C91HDX, PS42C96HD, PS42Q91HDX, PS42S5H, PS42S5HX, PS42V4SK, SL46B, SUR40, UD46A, UD46C, UD46C-B, UD55A, UD55C, UD55C-B, UD55D
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