American Heart Month
February is American Heart Month, and it’s a great time to think about how you can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. Listening to music, eating heart-healthy foods, and doing aerobic exercises are some of best things you can do to reduce stress and take care of your cardiovascular health.

Listening to music, using earbuds or Bluetooth speakers brings your stress level down and soothes your soul. Your heart will thank you!

Good nutrition plays a big part in a heart healthy lifestyle, because it can help keep your stress levels down. Learning new recipes and having the right cooking tools helps to eliminate further stress by making meal preparation simple and easy.

Aerobic exercise—brisk walk, swimming, cycling, or dancing—is a wonderful way to elevate your heart rate and release endorphins into the brain. And don’t forget: There is a fitness tracker for every budget; one that will keep you in the zone for good cardiovascular health.
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