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Tablets, also known as tablet computers and tablet PCs, are powerful handheld devices that have revolutionized society in the 21st century. Tablets have made such a large impact in the lives of humans worldwide because they represent a hybridization of smartphone mobility and laptop computing power. The two largest operating systems for tablets, Windows and Android, allow users to have consistent interactions among all of their favorite devices.

When choosing an operating system for a tablet, it is best to choose one that aligns with your other devices. This creates a uniform experience and allows you to connect your tablet to all of your other devices. Samsung, Acer and Asus are Android tablets. These allow users to have seamless interactions with popular tablet and smartphone apps such as Gmail and Google Maps. Android also allows multiple user logins so that one tablet can be shared amongst family members. If you are looking for a tablet that creates a smartphone style experience, Android is probably the processor for you.

Windows 8 creates the most computer-like experience and is commonly associated with tablets that consumers refer to as tablet computers and tablet PCs. Windows 8 offers access to Microsoft Office to allow users to easily view excel spreadsheets, word documents and PowerPoints without the need of desktops or laptops. This type of tablet is extremely useful for business related activities.

There are a large number of tablets, tablet PCs and tablet computers available on Please shop our large selection and find a tablet made just for you. If you are having trouble finding a tablet to match your needs or have questions about a specific tablet, please call our Howard Store customer service hotline and speak to one of our customer service representatives. You can reach them at (888) 912-3151.
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