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Cameras and camcorders are found in a variety of products today. From standalone cameras (digital cameras, film cameras, and action cameras) and camcorders to those found in telescopes, binoculars and smartphones, we are surrounded by media devices that allow us to capture every moment in our lives. As the technology behind these devices changes, so too does the complexity in keeping up with the differences between the many types of cameras and camcorders.

A digital camera offers a variety of functions that makes it more of a hybrid between traditional cameras and camcorders. For the most part, a digital camera allows a person to capture digital photos and view them on a screen for immediate feedback. Some digital cameras even allow you to scan documents so that you can print them for later use. A digital camera is also cheaper to use than a traditional film camera. Once the camera has taken a picture or video, it can be discarded if it is not what the user is looking for. A digital camera can store thousands of photographs with the use of flash memory cards. This ability makes digital cameras excellent for family trips, international expeditions and also documentation. A digital camera typically comes in 6, 10, 12, and 14+ megapixels, but many options are available at many price ranges. If you do not own a digital camera, we are confident that you will find the digital camera you’ve always wanted here at

Film cameras are still heavily used today for people who enjoy extremely high resolution photographs and have a need for large prints of their photos. This type of camera produces much more detailed images than a normal digital camera is capable of.

Action cameras are used in many ways. These cameras are capable of being mounted to objects such as helmets, trees, houses and much more. They are used to catch wild game movements on hunting land, POV (point of view) videos in sporting activities, and many other recreational activities.

Among the camera accessories that we offer on are camera bags and camera lenses. A camera bag or carrying case is essential when traveling and hiking. In addition to camera bags are storage bags for your camera lenses as well. A camera lens is very fragile and delicate. Scratches on your camera lens can result in anomalies in your photos. This is why protective cases and bags are a must for anyone who has a camera that allows you to change your camera lens. There are a large number of cameras, camcorders and camera accessories available on Please shop our large selection and find something made just for you. If you are having trouble finding camera or camcorder to match your needs or have questions about a specific camera or camcorder, please call our Howard Store customer service hotline and speak to one of our customer service representatives. You can reach them at (888) 912-3151.
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